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Helpful Links
Guild Wars 2 Efficiency: Website to keep track of World Bosses, Inscriptions/Insignias you can get from dungeon equipment, gathering node locations, etc.

Guild Wars 2 Wiki: Has almost all information on anything GW2 related. (Note: You can also type /wiki "thing you are looking up" [without the quotes] to go directly to the wiki page)

Guild Wars 2 Dungeons: Very detailed guide to each and every dungeon/fractal path.

Guild Wars 2 Style: A Website to get ideas for new looks for your character.

MetaBattle: A great site to look for the current meta builds.

Guild Wars 2 Spidy: Great for looking at Trading Post prices and potential profit from crafting.

GW2 Crafts: Guides for crafting (Be sure to read the entire first page before attempting)

TTS Event Calendar: Event calendar for a guild that organizes events such as Triple Trouble or Tequatl The Sunless.

Dulfy: Site that is updated when new things are talked about/added to the game.

Silverwastes Guide

Rich Copper Node Map
Rich Silver Node Map
Rich Iron Node Map
Rich Gold Node Map
Rich Platinum Node Map
Rich Mithril Node Map