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RAIDs are the elite proving grounds of GW2.

Basic RAID Assuptions: A guild or PUG RAID squad will assume you are RAID ready if you:

Know the rewards are high for successful completion of bosses, and it is a team effort.

Know RAID bosses are most basicly huge (20 million plus) health wells that bite, each with multiple events running at the same time.

You need to 1) STAY ALIVE 2) add your dps and squad support 3) do all this before the timmer expires

Know that you will fail and die a lot, even when you do everything right because there is some randomness to these fights. This is normal.

Know that you are in this for the long run, there are no short cuts to learning what is required. Some have more talent and learn faster, but we all had to learn.

Know that you can buy RAID bosses and avoid this whole RAID thing, and still get the achivements you
need for legendary armors and the like, this saves a lot of wear and tear on you, your time, and others time if RAIDs are not your thing.

Have level 80 exotic or better Armor and Weapons and Trinckets with meta stats for your class.

and (ty Kayla)

For current class builds, skills and cc's. Be aware the meta can change over time.

Set Options: Show Target Heath Pecent to "ON"
Set Options: Show skill recharge to "ON"
Set Options: Lock Ground Target to maximum skill range to "ON"
Set Options: Stop Autoattacking on Target Change to"ON"

Set Options: Melee Attack Assist to "OFF"
Set Options: Autotargeting to : "OFF"

Set any mini pets to "hide".
Stow any ranger pets when entering a new boss area to prevent agro before the squad is ready.

if you want a targeting key bind:

Set Options:Control Options:Targeting:Nearest Enemy to a key. Normally the nearest enemy to you is likely also biting you and thus your focus should be on them, you can tap this key to move to the next nearest too for Epidemic bounce or to Lava Font Orbs.

Set Options:Camera:Field of View to the farest right it will go.

Set Options:Camera:Adjust Camera to Character Height to "OFF"

Options:Control Options:Skills: "special acton" key, bind it to something easy to find or even a mouse button. Know when to use it, and when NOT to use it (Wing 3 escort).

Generally turn OFF anything else that clutters the screen, there is enough screen clutter in RAIDs without adding your own.

Turn off all other tasks on your computer that are not required for RAIDing, not only does this allow more cpu and memory for GW2. it reduces your internet bandwidth needs, and thus can keep your server ping lower. Lower sever ping means less lag on game world updates to your GW2 client.

Check your video frame rate, ideally you want 60 frames per second, lower graphics settings to reach that even when the screen is busy.

Set Option : Graphic Options: Settings Preset to: Best Performance

Then add things back slowly as you like but keep that 60 fps number in mind (which displays on the Options menu lower right corner along with you server ping

Know your skill rotations: You can practice these on the golem in the LA aerodrome (Note: Golem settings vary for benchmark dps numbers, usually they include a large hit box 4m hp golem, all buffs on, all condis on, all everything on, sometmes even running food.) without having to deal with incoming damage. Or the Champ Giants in Cursed Shores, which are slow and mostly just throw grubs and stomp, but have enough of a health well to allow completion of skill chains without too much movement. Also the Green VG sub boss is an excellent practice target to learn blue circle timing for VG.

Know what traits and skills each boss requires.
Normally you dont change armor, but each boss will have spefic traits and skills. Keep a written sheet beside your keyboard of trait and skill and equipment settings for your class for each boss.
Many times even experenced people will say: "Oh I forgot to set my trait, or weapon set, or trinket..." costing the squad time and effort.

Know how to do timed dodging. This can be helped greatly by binding dodge to a mouse botton.

Know what food buffs are for your class, and have enough in your characters inventory to RAID for at least 2-3 hours without having to go get more.

Know the Crowd Control hard "cc" skills for your class. And how and when to use them to break boss "breakbars" .

Know what the "stun break" skills are for your class, and how they work.

Know what soft "cc" skills your class has that slow the enemy down, useful on multiple bosses.

Know that you are 10% of the DPS available to the squad, STAY ALIVE first, then DPS, else the squad loses DPS and may have to wipe.

Know the mechanics of the fight for the boss you are on. I call this "the dance", since it involves timing, skill, and squad cooperation.

Know where to stand and what you do in relation to other players,
in the dance you have to usually stay tightly stacked on your Druid for heals, and your squad for buffs.

Each RAID boss has a youtube video dedicated to them, so find these and watch. The GW2 wiki also has a good walk throughs of details that vidoes do not explain well.

Be able to do the dance while monitoring for specifc events. This takes a great deal of practice.

Getting your timings down on skill chains and cc is a first step.

Learn the dance until you dont have to focus on it, so you can focus on other things, staying alive and doing dps should become automatic.

Most RAID bosses involve multiple events going on at the same time:
The boss is doing its damage and movement.
The adds, if any, are doing their damage and movement.
Keep track of where to stand, where to go when specfic events trigger.
Fast ressing other players when need be.
The environment adds events, such as poisoned floors, collapsing ceilings, etc. to be aware of, for each boss.
The RNG is adding events, such as applying AOE condis to you that tigger over time, circles to stand in, etc.
Specfic bosses, depending on where you stand and what you damage, will apply events to you, including agro, focus, and special action key events.

If the squad tells you to "get good". likely one of the above is lacking, it is possble to improve if you stay with it.

So while none of the events are too challanging in themselves,
you may get 6 or 7 events to deal with at the same time which can be very challanging.

PUG groups can be useful for learning and seeing the mechanics, this does not mean they can tech you the right way to do the dance.
but you can get some idea of how things work, and don't work.

Better RAID people are willng to put effort into each new player far longer then you might expect, but they are also looking to see improvement over time, else they may not continue to put time into you.

Again, RAIDs are the elite proving grounds of GW2. If you think you have what it takes, jump in.

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Lots of good info here! Thanks Cap :D

My one note: metabattle is alright, but quickly becoming out dated as far as raiding goes. I like that they write out rotations, CCs, etc, so it's definitely good supplemental material. :) But I'd go to qT's website (or even NA, snow crows, etc) and check out their builds first.

I'd like to highlight a few of these points that Cap made:
Know what food buffs are for your class, and have enough in your characters inventory to RAID for 2-3 hours without having to go get more.
The most annoying thing in the world, is finally getting your group ready to go, and within 3-4 pulls, someone needs food. Nah. Raids take a lot of time, don't make it take longer than it has to. I always try to have at least 5+ hrs of food on me (typically closer to 40hrs).

If the squad tells you to "get good". likely one of the above is lacking, it is possble to impove if you stay with it.
The majority of the time, people aren't assholes just to be assholes. It's that you're wasting their time and need more practice. Don't take it personally, just work on your rotations and getting more raid practice.

Better RAID people are willng to put effort into each new player far longer then you might expect,
but they are also looking to see improvement over time, else they may not continue to put time into you.
We're very fortunate in that we have plenty of players who are both experienced and willing to put in lots of time and effort to help you out. Whether it's with questions, joining your PUGs, or participating in / leading a training raid.

Take advantage of it, tell them thank you, and show that you're actively improving and making efforts to improve. As long as we see that you're making a legitimate effort and actually improving, it's worth all the time, effort, and gold. (Trust me, we remember those who are showing promise/improvement and keep an eye out to help you if you're PUG'ing or what have you.) But if you aren't trying or improving, then why should we waste our time helping instead of improving ourselves?
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