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#12693419 Sep 08, 2016 at 09:46 PM
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For those interested, here's how to go up a rank:
  • Aurora - Still in training for raids.
  • Luminous - Can manage in a PUG for most if not all bosses.
  • Illuminated - Are able to run a 10 man raid with minimal issues for all bosses, have 2+ classes you can comfortably play with proper rotations.
  • Radiant - Successfully able to 8 man all bosses with minimal issues. Comfortable on 2+ classes.

Contact me (Kaia Lily) in game if you believe you should be promoted and we'll find a time to take you raiding with us / check your rotations.

Note: The Light rank is for officers who don't regularly raid. Incandescents are Radiants that I trust to lead when I'm out. Prisms are active members who don't typically raid. Shadows are inactive members.
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