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Out Capella of Grimm80AsuraNecromancerNone
Out Capella of Lymm80AsuraElementalistNone
Out Capella of Syn80AsuraGuardianNone
Out Capella of Tec80AsuraRangerNone
Out Capella of Xee80AsuraMesmerNone
Out Chemical Riot80CharrWarriorNone
Out Chiyatsu80HumanGuardianDPS Shout Support Guardian
Out Cyril Vindica80HumanRangerNone
Out Dahlia Nightbloom80SylvariMesmerNone
Out Dedria Drek80HumanElementalistTempest - Staff or D/Wh
Out Eilumi Adeline80HumanWarriorNone
Out Eireniel80SylvariMesmerNone
Out Elise Kalté80NornRangerNone
Out Élyssa Tenebris80HumanThiefNone
Out Feros Vindica80HumanElementalistNone
Out Four Chin80NornEngineerNone
Out Gadolinocene80HumanThiefNone
Out Gale Evanson80NornWarriorNone
Out Jaylin Ginch80AsuraEngineerEngi Engi
Out Kaia Lily80HumanElementalistNone